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About the dog within

I'm a Seattle-based dog trainer with over 15 years of experience. I've trained dogs with almost every kind of behavioral issue imaginable and I firmly believe that there is always a solution to every problem behavior. There's no such thing as an unteachable dog. Teaching dogs is the easy part. Teaching humans is harder. I do both.

The most important aspect of what I do is improving the way that you and your dog communicate. My main goal isn't to teach your dog tricks, better manners, or to untrain problem behaviors. Yes, I do all that stuff too, and it's important. But my aim with every single client I serve is to improve the life-long relationship between you and your best friend.

The brass-tacks of my method is positive-reinforcement training, in the environment where the problems occur. If your dog has car-ride problems, that is how we will spend our training sessions. If your dog has issues at the dog park, that is where we will go to resolve them. I won't lie - what I do isn't magic, and it will require work on your part, both in the training sessions and at home. However, the rewards are real. Your dog will be better behaved, making life easier for you. Your dog will be happier, knowing that he or she is a productive member of the family. Your relationship will be forever transformed for the better, once you know how to communicate effectively with each other.

About me

Most of the greatest experiences in my life have involved animals. As a child, I always wanted to be around animals, especially dogs. Not even realizing it, I was the one who trained all of our family dogs. My other passion was entertainment and my first professional endeavors as a young man were in the entertainment industry. I wanted to be an actor and I accomplished that, having a successful New York City stage career. For six years I even had my very own show in Manhattan. When that came to a close, I decided to move to Los Angeles to try my hand at film. After a brief success, everything came to a halt after 9/11.

Needing employment I took a job as a kennel/ranch hand for a company that rescued animals and trained them for the entertainment industry. I expressed to my employer my interest in studio training. After 3 years of mentoring with some of the best trainers in the entertainment and domestic pet industry I became a union studio animal trainer for Hollywood presenting trained animals to the entertainment industry. I believe my background in dog training and acting makes me not only effective with dogs, but an excellent and entertaining teacher to people as well.

How it all started

After working as a studio trainer, I became the Education Director for an elite animal training academy in Los Angeles, teaching people and their pets the "tricks" of the trade and potentially representing them in the industry. That was when I discovered that most people and their pets were not communicating with each other effectively, thus slowing the training process. This intrigued me and opened up a new chapter in my career. I wanted to "crack the code" and help people and their pets understand each other better. I believed that not only could deeper understanding enrich the relationship, but it could also help to keep dogs out of shelters. My dog and I traveled across the United States back toward New York. We started training people and their pets on a private basis, and I began to go deeper in my knowledge with service and therapy training, as well as behavior modification techniques, where I worked with some of the best trainers in the industry. This was how "The Dog Within" as it now exists was born.